Not Getting Pregnant? Consider Mind Body Program
Are you frustrated that you’re not getting pregnant? Has infertility changed your life?

If you are used to being in control, chances are the challenge of getting pregnant has resulted in frustration and helplessness. It also may have brought about changes in every aspect of your life: Your relationship with your partner, your friends, your career, your social life, your finances, your sex life. Worse yet, the stress of this difficult time may be affecting your ability to conceive.

Mind Body Program for Infertility Tampa Bay

We offer hope for those trying to get pregnant, or ready to explore other family building options through the Mind Body Program for Infertility.

Are there ways to increase your odds for getting pregnant? Are there techniques and tools you can learn to help you live a more stress-free life and take back control while you are trying to get pregnant?

Visit our Infertility information pages for answers to these questions and to view video stories from participants in our Mind Body Program for Infertility.
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Mind Body Program for Infertility

Mind Body Program for Infertility

Many doctors recommend this program as the perfect complement to your medical treatment. It’s something natural you can do right now.

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You will also find information about the Mind Body Class for Infertility, a research- based program developed at Harvard University. For the past 20 years, thousands of women across the country have regained control of their lives by incorporating the coping skills taught in the Mind Body Infertility program on their journey to getting pregnant or becoming a mother in some other way.

The good news is that the Mind Body Infertility program is available to you, in the Tampa Bay area. through Kathy Fountain Fertility.

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